The Fourth Grade Project curricula allows students to tell their story—to others and themselves—perhaps for the first time.

Lesson Plans

The interactive curricula for The Fourth Grade Project offers students a comprehensive understanding of empathy, in their classroom and beyond. Teachers gain an invaluable window into their students’ lives: past, present, and future.

The series of ten detailed, themed lesson plans can be tailored for individual teachers’ time and needs.



1.  How to Interview

Comprehension and Collaboration


2.  Photography

Observation and Discussion


3.  About the Author

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas


4.  Bullying

Key Ideas and Details Speaking and Listening


5.  Family Structure

Key Ideas and Details Craft and Structure

6.  Future Aspirations, Role Models

Key Ideas and Details Speaking and Listening


7.  Geography

Key Ideas and Details Integration of Knowledge and Ideas


8.  Immigration

Reading, Key Ideas and Details Writing, Text Types and Purposes


9.  Religion

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Speaking and Listening


10.  Worries

Key Ideas and Details



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Lesson plans provide hands-on learning opportunities to engage deeply with empathy, storytelling, and collaboration.



After completing the portrait project, teachers may upload their students’ portraits onto this site. They may also stage an exhibition for their classroom, school, and/or community.

Lesson Plan Samples

Each lesson plan provides objectives, common core standards, supplemental materials and handouts, prep notes, reference images, a grading rubric, and a step-by-step guide to the lesson.

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These visual narratives have resonated with teachers, students, and the public, worldwide. And now, the project has been developed into free digital curricula for download.


Ten lesson plans walk students through the process of sharing their stories and listening to others. More deeply, they teach empathy and communication skills that students can draw from for the rest of their lives.

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